Honk If You Hate Trump



America has failed many of her citizens. Can you believe America has Imploded because an extremely DANGEROUS MAN is behind the steering wheel of the Greatest Super Power of all Time. I am Proud to be an American but I am very embarrassed to tell anyone that our President is a Gigantic Piece of Sugar. H.oney.l.ce Tea. (SHIT)! (FYI) ITS TOO LATE!!!! We are all Fucked

How do you know Trump is Lying? His Lips are Moving

Go ahead and laugh it up Life is Short and Trump being the President is Depressing as Fuck!! I want to go home and pray but I have never had my prayers answered. I want God to Grant me one Wish Please give us anybody but Drumpf. He is a Racist Sexist Ignorant Pussy Grabbing Piece of Sh-t Motherfucker!!! We are in a horrible place we have NEVER been in before A REAL LIFE living and breathing Asshole Elected by a bunch of Assholes who really believed that Trump would be there Lord and Saviorjus like Jesus H. Christ!

To my Favorite Cousins Derrick and Darrin I dedicate this Website. Trump is NOT the Messiah. We are merely here to make it thru 4 years of Incompetence. If you believe Trump is the Messiah you should blow your brains out right now. HOLD on I will wait for you to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. You owe it to your Trump loving asses to go down with the ship waving your Extremely Colorful Confederate Flag. OH SAY CAN YoU SEE TRUMP getting IMPEACHED..................I'm gonna keep praying for that Miracle!!

This website was created to give the voiceless a voice........go start a revolution .....start a protest .......beware of the Confederate Flag waving Fuckers they will try to do you harm.

Charlottletsville Va had an incident were a protester was struck and killed by a Mad Neo Nazi Trump Supporter. Beware of the Trump Fanatics they are armed and dangerous. Common Sense had left the building. We need to spread the word if you wish to add some content feel free to contact us we are constantly looking for suggestions and NEW content. We are just barely scratching the surface. Explain your Pain to us we would love to share you words to the world you can remain anonymous are you could leave your name its America its up to you.

Welcome to the revolution

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